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If you have a netID, you can log on to any public computer in the library using your netID and password. There are public computers on every floor of the library. 

Once logged on, access the materials you need to print and select the desired printer in the "destination" section of the print options. By default, documents will print to the same floor the computer you used is located on and will print double sided. There are four printers in the library:

1st floor: BML1STFLPRT
1st floor: BMLCOLOR1FLP (color printer)
2nd floor: BML2NDFLPRT

Once you hit print, you will need to use a release station to send the print job to the printer. Make sure to lock or log off of the public computer you printed from, and find a release station.
There is a release station near every printer in the library. Double click your netID, enter your password, and select the document you wish to print. This will release the print job to the printer. The print release stations help cut down on wasted paper and print credits, and help avoid accidental or intentional use of another user's print credits if you did not lock/log off of the public computer you printed from.

For more details on print credits and printing, please see

Note: It is always recommended to download the documents you wish to print, rather than printing directly through Blackboard or a browser. When in doubt, be patient, as it can take some time for documents to travel from the computer, to the release station, and to the printer. It is always recommended to print your documents well in advance.

If you encounter problems, staff at the Information & Assistance desk can help troubleshoot. You can also use our library chat feature.

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