Answered By: BML Student
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There are several restrooms located throughout the library. On the first floor the restrooms are located in the Collaborative Study Area. If you are at the Information and Assistance Desk at the main entrance of the library head straight back and take a right walking past the TVs mounted on the wall and take another right. The restrooms will be on your right.

On the second floor they are near the main stair way that goes up from the Information and Assistance Desk. On your left there is a bookshelf and they are located directly behind that. There are also restrooms located in the MRC right in front of the main desk.

On B1 the first set of restrooms are to the right of the staircase near the tables and computers. Take a right from there and they are in the area with the soda machines. To get to the second set of restrooms go past the Rare Book Room and make a right. Go down the hallway and they will be at the end on your left.

On B2 if you are coming off the elevator make a right. Then make a left when you reach the PT and Q bookshelves. At the study room at the end of the hall make a right and they will be right in front of you next to the classroom. There is a restroom also in the back of B2 in the Annex. From the elevator make a right and then a right when you see the computers. Then make a left and when you see the bookshelves make another right. There is a small hallway on the left and the restroom is located there.

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